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I got my new coupes today (Libbey, 4 for $15 from Amazon) and thought I’d make a daiquiri to celebrate. 

The recipe came from Death & Co—a Meridian Daiquiri by Joaquin Simo—which called for 1.5 oz Aquavit and .5 oz Scarlet Ibis rum, neither of which I had, so I used the last ounce of Don Q blanco I had in my freezer and an ounce of Rhum Barbancourt instead. That’s cool. That means I can still get a Meridian Daiquiri at D&C for the first time. 

My version of it works well, except next time I’ll add .25 oz of simple syrup on top of the ginger syrup. It’s a little dry with just these specs:

1 oz white rum

1 oz dark rum

.75 oz pineapple juice

.5 oz ginger syrup

.5 oz lime juice 

4-5 cardamom pods

(Add .25 oz of simple syrup)
First muddle the cardamom gently then add everything else and shake over ice. Double strain and use a lime slice for garnish.